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What is Casting London?

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Are you looking for aspiring models, actors and casting staff?

Casting London is a Casting platform that gives you the chance to find aspiring models, actors and staff without any additional cost. No subscription fee, no posting fees and no agency cut to worry about. It's as simple as posting your upcoming castings and jobs, setting a closing date, and waiting for the applicants to come in.

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White male around 40's

Casting closes in 3 days

x Modelling 31-40, 41-50 Male Job: 29/07/2024 @ 09:00

Looking for a male around 40's

Not looking for super lean men,

Looking for someone that enjoys a drink and can have a very nutural facial expression for a whiskey brand

Sportswear Shoot Needs Models

Casting closes in 1 day

London Modelling 18-21, 21-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51+ Any Job: 30/07/2024 @ 09:00

Models who play an interesting or unique sport, needed for a sportswear shoot.

Shooting will be on either the 30th or 31st of July,


Casting closes in 1 day

X Female Job: 30/07/2024 @ 09:00


looking for someone editorial looking with a strong face and long hair open to going to a short layered haircut THIS WILL BE A PIXIE HAIR CUT.


It will be a 3 day shoot and the dates are below:


Fly Out: Evening of 30th July

Shoot: 31st July

Shoot: 1st  August

Shoot: 2nd August

Fly back 2nd August Evening.



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Ishika, pro model

The best modelling agency! Everyone is so friendly, professional, and very responsive. They have booked me on so many great jobs and have an amazing model management team who are attentive and give great feedback for a model to progress and improve in her career.

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Soni, pro model

I’m absolutely happy to work with Body London. I do very well with them. Agency helps me to build my career providing lots of jobs. And at the same time they are lovely as persons. They are always ready to help me with various things. All models provided with a great apartments with all comforts in a nice neighborhood. Getting British visa is really difficult process, but thanks to Body for their help to do it easy and quickly. Love them!

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Christine, pro model

I am giving Body a five star review, only because that's the highest option available. I believe they have earned far more than this. Every time I cast for a shoot with Body London, I book with them. And every time I do, the models are always the strongest on the set. The models are professional, show up on time, and make their work the art form that it is - they clearly care about their work which is visible to everyone on set, and to anyone who views the imagery after