What Is Casting London?

We are on line Model Agency that avoids the high agency fees. You deal direct with the Client. Models that work the most in a year, may be offered a full time modeling contract with Body London Model Agency.</p><p><br></p><p>The more you work with Casting London, the more chance you have for being scouted by Body London and being offered a full time modeling contract.

Do I work for Casting London?

No, you are self employed and responsible for your own tax.

It is the Client that confirms, direct with you, the job details, the hours and how much you are paid. Just ask them any questions.

Who do I chase for payment?

The Client you work for pays you. Please confirm the fee, in writing, before the job.

Confirm when they will pay you and how.

Do I pay tax?

You are self-employed so are responsible to pay any tax due. Obtain professional advice from an accountant if you are unsure of how to register self employed and submit tax returns.

Do Clients pay travel and other costs?

Normally no. But please check direct with the Client first.

How do I work more?

Join our Premium Program. Use our online learning to improve your chance of getting castings and working with amazing brands.

Keep working with Casting London, as Body London selects models who work the most in a year and offers them a full time professional Model Contract with Body London

Are there any age or measurements restrictions?

No, but if you are under 16 your Parent or Guardian should check anything you need to sign. Your Parent or Guardian must accompany you to any Casting or Job.

Clients seek all ages and sizes.

Why don’t I hear back?

Clients do try and reply, but some jobs receive so many applications they can not reply to everyone. Most Clients will only reply to the successful applicants.

But don’t give up, keep learning, improving and applying for Model jobs.

Are the jobs safe?

Please confirm the shoot location in advance. Use social media to check out the Clients, check their website, seek reviews and if a company, check them on (click) Companies House. Tell your family or friend where you are going and what times. If in doubt do not go.

Do not put yourself in an unsafe position.

How do I cancel my subscription?

We are sorry to see you go. Every month we gain more jobs, more opportunities.

If they are no longer of interest and you want to leave, click here.

The more you work with Casting London, the more chance that Body London can scout you.

How can I become a full time Model?

Body London will offer the models who work the most on Casting London, with a full time Model contract, to enable you to work in London, Paris or Milan. The lucky Model will be contacted direct with full details before signing.

The more you work with Casting London the more chance you have. To work more check out our Model Advice centre, to build your book and to be the best possible you at castings.